The Cuisine

Sitting at the table is always a pleasure at the Oasi del Cervo. The dishes that Angela expertly prepares, respecting the thousand-year-old Sardinian tradition with fresh ingredients, brings us the flavors of a natural Sardinia. Eating them while looking out of the window, you can see the deer on the hills or admire Piscinas beach in all its splendor, providing a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. Around the agriturismo we can see goats, which provide some of the ingredients for Angela's recipes: milk, cheese, tasty meat, fresh or spicy cheese, perhaps accompanied by a full-bodied wine. But nature's surprises in Sardinia are many and we can find them, depending on the season, on our table: mushrooms, asparagus, fruits and more. The scenery is beautiful and the food is exquisite: ask whoever has been here. The look on someone's face when recalling the dishes tasted at the Oasi del Cervo is enough to make you want to visit us.